Natural environment

Natural environment

The leadership of water cycle projects has allowed us to acquire transversal knowledge for mitigating the effects of climate change, for the waste management of the work or for the study of the environmental impact of different types of projects.

We work in coordination with consultancies and engineering specialized in geology and geotechnics, waste management and environmental impact studies to complete the knowledge required for the drafting and execution of projects.

We provide advice and technical support for:


Impact of climate change

  • Climate change impact studies in private companies and administrations
  • Risk analysis 

Aquifer management

  • Hydrogeological studies of the state of the aquifer

Hydrogeolocial and geotechnical studies

  • Hydrogeological studies for the execution of works
  • Geotechnical studies

Environmental impact studies

  • Environmental impact studies
  • Impact studies and landscape integration

Waste management

  • Waste management on site