About us


About us

Engisic is a consultancy and engineering company specializing in water cycle projects. Our work team is made up of a multidisciplinary team of specialized engineers, which allows us to offer a global and quality service in all our projects.

We work to find optimal solutions in the municipal, industrial and agricultural fields, both in potable water, purification, reuse and water management, as well as in the field of hydrology and hydraulics of river courses.

About us

A team of professionals for a service of quality

Water as a backbone element

An element that unites our work team, the backbone of our projects and the source of inspiration for our company.


The experience of our team and the synergies with collaborating counterparts, research centers and universities allow us to satisfy most of the initiatives presented to us.

Objectivity and independence

Always with the maximum objectivity to offer the most adapted solutions to each case.


We work side by side with our clients with the desire to create a relationship of mutual trust to fulfill the commitment entrusted with the utmost professionalism.


Our team


Francesc Solé

Industrial Technical Engineer (UPC)

Specialist in the design and execution of hydraulic infrastructures for water catchment, transport and distribution, water treatment plants and management and control systems. Specialist also in renewable energies and energy efficiency


Albert Herrero

Enginyer de Camins, Canals i Ports (UPC)

Degree in Physics (UB) and Doctor in Fluvial Hydraulics (UPC). Specialist in hydrological modeling, hydraulics and sediment transport. Extensive experience in climate change and land use impact studies on water resources and reservoir sedimentation


Pau Ortínez

Public Works Technical Engineer (UPC)

Master in Organization Engineering (UPC). Specialist in the management of municipal water supply networks and in the governance of the water cycle at the local level

And a team of

Collaborating engineers

Engineers with solvent experience in water chemistry, sanitation, environmental engineering and hydrogeology. Technical assistance in conventional and advanced technologies, R + D + i, training, GIS, information systems and any other field necessary to implement the best solutions adapted to each case.