Project to expand the reclaimed water distribution network of Granollers

The current situation of sequía hace prever that the use of regenerated water will be an indispensable herramient in the future. The regenerated water is touched by the one that has received a tertiary treatment in a treatment plant to adapt to different later uses, such as the stream of park and garden areas, the limpieza of road, agricultural uses, industrial uses, streams of golf courses…

The use of water from a treatment plant, with the additional treatment that the hagan has for determined uses, is a practice that makes it possible to have more water resources and reduce the consumption of water suitable for use. Aun así, para que el uso de agua regenerada no comporta riesgo para la salud de las personas, ha hace missing correct management and control.

In this context, at Engisic we have been recient in the drafting of the “Proyecto de Amplidan de la red de distribución de agua regenerada de Granollers” (Proyecto for the extension of the reclaimed water distribution network of Granollers). With this expansion, it is expected that the use of treated water in the wetland and the ERA (Water Regeneration Station) of Can Cabañas will reach the Poniente Park and the Almez Park, thus increasing the use of this resource throughout the city.